Bethel Weekday Preschool
Preschool at its finest.




Director: Michelle Koslick 


Email:Michelle Koslick

For more than 20 years, Bethel Presbyterian Weekday Preschool has

offered a stimulating, play-based educational program for children

2-5 years old. Nurturing children in the spirit of Christian love, our

school is not just an opportunity to see your children thrive and learn,

but a place where your family can grow with other families.

A welcoming community of teachers, parents, and children forge
relationships that have endured far past preschool. 



Bethel Preschool



Mission Statement:

Our mission is to nurture the growth of children and their families by providing a Christian environment that will enrich them spiritually, intellectually,physically and emotionally. Our program is a self-supporting outreach ministry to members of Bethel Presbyterian Church and the surrounding community.

Tuition Fees (2017-2018)


2's 2day ... $195
3's 3day ... $235
3's 4day ... $295
Pre-K 4day ... $285
Pre-K 5day ... $345


 Non-refundable registration fee of $75 and annual $85 material fee. 


 First tuition payment is due JUNE 1st


Educational Philosophy


By combining imaginative play with creative work,we can help prepare your child not only for
kindergarten, but also for many other 
challenges. Our program offers a variety of experiences to help your child grow into a more sensitive, capable and creative individual. Supervised learning and play in both self-selected and teacher-guided activities will give your child the opportunity to, develop essential skills in language, listening, math, science, and observation. Develop a sense of self worth
Grow socially and learn to respect the rights of others throughassociations with peers and
adults. Participate in hands on activities that develop creativity and self expression.

...In addition, students in our program learn of God's love for them. We teach, and encourage, Christian beliefs and values, but we respect all faiths and denominations. Chapel, held once a week in the church sanctuary, is lead by the Director of Christian Education.




The BPC Weekday Preschool admits students of all religious and ethnic backgrounds and does not discriminate in the administration of admissions or educational policy. We are a non-profit preschool

Admission to the preschool is determined by lottery. The lottery is conducted in the following order:

1. Currently enrolled children of church members and their siblings.


2. Currently enrolled children of non-church members and their siblings.

3. Children of Bethel members who are not currently enrolled in our program.

4. Siblings of alumni children who have 
graduated from the program.

5. General Public.

The first phase of registration is 
held in early February for church members and currently enrolled students and siblings. The second phase of registration is open for the general public. Spaces will be filled by lottery process during mid-February. Each family will be notified within a week if space is being held for their child: They

have one week to accept the space by making their registration payment. Tours of the program

are offered on Friday mornings.
Contact the director to schedule a time.

The first tuition payment is due 
June 1st. This payment is for September. Payment is made one month in advance with 9 equal payments.



Forms You Will Need 

Application Form 

Physician Form

2017-2018 Parent Handbook

2017-2018 School Calendar

Registration Information

All children's medical records must be given to the director no later than your child's start date.

Classes by Birth Date:

2's      8/31/15 - 9/01/14
3's      8/31/14 - 9/01/13
4's      8/31/13 - 9/01/12
5's.     8/31/12 - 9/01/11

Child/Teacher Ratios:
2's............... 10/2
3's............... 12/2
4's............... 12/2


The Preschool Board reserves the right to make exceptions to class size due to special circumstances.

General Information:

The children attend school from 9:15 AM-1 PM.

Parents provide their child's lunch each day.Our school year runs from September through
mid- May. We follow the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system calendar with a few exceptions.
The two year old class will have a slow "easing in" period the first two weeks of school. Details will be addressed during the August parent meeting.